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Affiliate marketing involves independent digital marketers

What Is CBD Affiliate Marketing?

At its core, affiliate marketing involves independent digital marketers creating partnerships with manufacturers and companies that make products, or sell services. In the past, manufacturers and producers had to rely solely upon their marketing teams in order to spread the word about offerings. Regardless of the huge sums of money that was often spent on marketing, companies didn’t care because of the ROI they’d generate on selling their products and services.

As the tech age took hold, companies realized that it was far less expensive to contract with independent marketers in order to gain prospects and covert those prospects into customers. It made sense to create platforms for independent marketers who were willing to front all of their own marketing costs, paying marketers a bounty fee for their efforts when any of their prospects converted into a customer.

How can you make money via affiliate marketing

Here’s how independent digital marketers, also known as affiliate marketers, earn money online:

First, they sign up either with an affiliate marketing network, or they sign up with a company directly. If they sign up with a network, then they can sell a variety of products sold by a variety of companies. If they sign up with a company, then they are bound to only sell the products or services being offered by that company.

After signing up to market for companies or networks, the marketer gets started by creating digital content that attracts interest from prospects. The type of digital content that’s used to attract prospects includes social media posts, streaming videos that includes clickable links in the description area, and blog posts.

A good marketer will also develop and post their own landing pages in order to capture email addresses from interested, prospective customers. This allows the marketer to gain permission to market a variety of products or services to interested parties who have already given their permission to be contacted in the future.

When interested parties click on the marketer’s coded link, they’ll be led to the manufacture’s landing page. And when a product or service is purchased, then the marketer will receive a portion of the sales revenue. The amount that a marketer will receive can range between 4% (what Amazon usually pays), or greater.

A smart marketer will investigate how much of a percentage they can earn for their efforts. But sometimes, they’ll align themselves with a brand like Amazon because although the fee percentage is low, there’s an over-abundance of opportunities to earn money on the platform.

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Who is affiliate marketing best for?

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that the barrier to entry is pretty low. Anyone with access to the internet can find a marketing platform to sign up with, or a company to promote. The age range of the average digital marketing varies, from the enterprising teenager, to the retiree looking to add a little money to their monthly pension payment.

If you have the will to learn how to put some simple tools to work, along with resilience and patience (because it takes time to really gain traction), then you can build an affiliate business of your own.

Niched affiliate marketing

There’s plenty of products and services that can be marketed online. This is why very quickly, the digital affiliate must narrow down what they plan on promoting and selling. How should you do this?

The best way to determine what you should promote comes down to a few crucial questions:

  •  What are your interests? You’re more likely to create enticing promotional content when you’re genuinely interested in what you’re promoting.
  • Do you believe in the value of the product being promoted? It’s easy to make a quick buck online, but if you don’t honestly believe in the value of the product you’re promoting, then it will show in your promotional content. What’s more, your prospects will sense that you’re not genuine, and you’ll lose all credibility before you can gain a following or a foothold.
  • Do you want to align yourself with the manufacturer or the company selling the product or the service? Again, integrity is key. If the company you’re thinking about working with seems sketchy, if their landing page seems dated or spammy, or if the company has generated a bad reputation for any reason, then it’s not worth it for you to affiliate with them. As an affiliate, you’re a representative of that company, so make sure that you’re aligning yourself with one that you feel good about.
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It’s great for you to start by selecting one product niche. This allows you to create a marketing system and master it. Not only this, but different product niches might vary in the way you market and present them to prospects.

Here’s a product niche that you should consider: CBD marketing. CBD is a hemp-based product that’s increasingly gaining traction, as state and federal laws banning cannabis are becoming more relaxed and friendly towards users. CBD in particular is 50-state legal, because the type of oil that’s used for medicinal purposes often contains less than 3% of THC, the active chemical that causes intoxication.

In short, CBD with less than 3% of THC is said not to cause intoxication. It’s tolerated very well not only by humans, but also by domestic pets. It’s used for calming and eliminating physical pain, alleviating anxiety, fighting depression, and stabilizing mood. Of course, results vary by individual, but many CBD users have shared positive testimonials about how using CBD products have vastly improved their health, while restoring rich lifestyles.

Considering CBD affiliate marketing could be the right next step for you to take if you love the idea of selling a popular product that has a positive impact on the lives of humans and domestic animals.

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CBD products to sell

If you’re ready to explore CBD affiliate marketing, then consider the following product that you can promote and sell:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Balms
  • Bath bombs
  • Vapes
  • Dog biscuits
  • Pet sprays and oils
  • Nibblets and chews for pets

The great thing about CBD marketing is that it’s not an over-saturated market, yet. If you want to explore earning money through digital marketing, then this is a niche that you should explore as soon as possible.